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Wednesday Market at La Mata Moving

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The weekly market at La Mata will move to its new home from next week, Wednesday 5 September, as announced by the councillor for markets, Javier Manzanares, today.

Manzanares has reported that the market will be located on Avenida de Francia, between Avenida de los Daneses and Avenida de los Suecos, on Avenida de los Holandeses, between Avenida de Inglaterra and Bélgica, and on Avenida de los Suecos, between Avenida de Bélgica and Inglaterra.

According to the councillor, the new location has been studied in detail and is defined as “a central point of the district, an area that is comfortable because of its size and accessibility to all citizens and visitors, since it has two bus stops only a few metres away from the downtown area and the urbanizations”.

The Mercadillo de La Mata has an emergency action plan (PAE) for any incident that may arise and will have the same number of plots as at present, 160, each of them retaining the same amount of space, a total of 893 linear metres. The positions have been distributed by public lottery, and two areas have been distinguished: food and the rest.

The councillor explained that all salespeople know where they have to be placed next week and what is the location, as well as the plot number that corresponds to each one. In addition, he recalled that with this transfer a request that had been formulating “for years” from the State Heritage has been fulfilled, moving the market from the potentially dangerous parking lot which is located on the Acequión Canal water outlet, and feared of collapse if used by this road traffic.

La Mata market map

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