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Advice for those not on the school run

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As we head into September and the great “back to school” event, we must also consider those not on the school run, or those without children who may now have a different experience on their journey than of late.

All road users must be reminded that traffic will increase at certain times of day as parents and guardians resume the school run. It is normal for traffic to increase in the mornings because of this, which in turn can result in delays. The same situation applies at the end of the school day, but at what time? Often, in Spain, schools operate a less robust timetable, adapting to such things as weather conditions and light, and so the school day often varies from season to season. All non-parents can do to prepare for this is be aware of the changing timetable and allow extra time for all journeys.

You will also now see more buses on the roads, those buses operating on the school run will display a pictogram which shows the type of service they are operating. This is not only useful for parents and guardians for spotting school buses, but acts as an indication to all road users that the service is a school bus, carrying children, and is therefore subject to a restricted speed, the maximum permitted speed must be reduced by 10 kilometres per hour, and, when it stops, children may wander into the road, so they must be given more space and attention.

If you approach a school bus which has stopped, slow down and take it easy, being extra observant and giving the bus more room than you might with other vehicles. There is a chance that some children may be late and run into the road to catch the bus, or those leaving the bus might wander around, oblivious to their surroundings, and so vigilance is crucial.

If a bus is indicating to pull out, let it. There may be a temptation to try to pass the bus, but courtesy is key, so please give way, if it´s safe to do so.


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