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Police Rammed by Drug Traffickers

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Officers from the National Police were forced to give chase to a fugitive vehicle through the streets of Elche (Alicante), after the car rammed them at a checkpoint in an attempt to evade detection.



The officers were involved in a routine checkpoint when a vehicle was seen acting suspiciously on approach. Apparently noting the presence of the police, the vehicle accelerated towards them at high speed and rammed through the barricades.

Officers, who are specially trained to deal with such an incident, immediately gave chase through the streets, where the suspect vehicle “zigzagged” at high speed through any obstacle in its path, ignored red lights and traffic signs, and failed to stop when requested by the officers in pursuit.

However, it wasn´t long before the vehicle led the officers into a dead end, and so the suspects became hemmed in by their own navigational failures.

The officers approached the suspect vehicle, when the two occupants made one final bin for freedom, this time on foot, attempting to kick and stamp the officers and kick their vehicles, which were blocking the escape route, before the police successfully restrained and detained them.

The two people detained, both male and of Algerian and Spanish nationality, aged 25 and 32 respectively, were arrested by the officers who then carried out a search of the vehicle. The officers seized a bag containing more than half a kilo of marijuana hidden on the underside of the front passenger seat.

The detainees have been made available to the courts in Elche, the passenger charged with a crime against public health and driver for two crimes against public health, traffic safety and damage to the police vehicle.

“Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear” – This incident is a reminder that sharing the location of police checkpoints only helps to serve those who are not acting within the law. Had this vehicle´s occupants been warned, they might never have been caught. Never warn about checkpoints.

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