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The Night of the Moon

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Find a dark spot, away from light pollution, and look up to the stars, for they tell a story of long ago, a time before you and I, a time when mankind could never dream of what we have today, and a time we seldom reflect to, as the modern pace of life takes over and we sometimes forget the beauty of the canvas that surrounds us, as nature paints the landscape before us.

Or, just join in this Saturday, 20 October, celebrating the Night of the Moon, an annual event organised every year by NASA, that aims to bring observation with telescopes of the Moon to the whole world.

Weather permitting, Torrevieja will play a part in this lunar spectacle, through a collaboration between the council’s Department of Environment with the headquarters of the Alicante University in the municipality, the Proyecto Mastral y Astroingeo de Alicante.

Torrevieja, specifically the Eras de la Sal, itself a site steeped in history, will be one of the more than 500 observation points that will be located in different parts of the world to observe our satellite in a growing phase with a telescope.

Starting at 8 p.m., two telescopes will be available, completely free to use, to allow observers to look directly at the moon, an image which will also be projected onto a screen, whilst experts talk about some of the curiosities of its surface, with its seas and craters.

Who knows, there may even be a yet unidentified surprise that pops up during the three-hour event, which will conclude at 11 p.m.

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