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Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre Reopens Today

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Virgin del Carmen Centre

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, has signed the decrees which will allow the reopening of both the training and cultural centres, and the auditorium, at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre in Torrevieja.

The Virgen del Carmen Centre reopens, 7 December, 2018

The centre will be able to reopen on Friday, after being closed down amid safety concerns last month, and will open its doors to the public at 4p.m., resuming its cultural schedule.

On November 30, it was necessary to temporarily close all the dependencies of the centre when two serious faults were detected in the fire system. Today, after completing the file on the works that have been necessary to guarantee the security of the fire system, the mayor has proceeded to sign the decrees that left the activities suspended.

In order to rectify the faults, the work required a series of replacements and corrections to the fire fighting system. The engineer who drafted the activity project of the cultural centre has issued a report certifying that after its repair, fire measures are now effective for the normal development of the activity. Once this certificate has been received, a municipal technician has issued a second report confirming that it is possible to carry out the activity in safe conditions, which is why they have proceeded to issue the corresponding legal report and the signing of the decrees that allow the reopening of the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre from this afternoon.

The mayor’s office apologises for the closure, and the inconvenience caused, but must also be praised for acting with the safety of those who attend as their primary concern.

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