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Collect your Extra Saving Cheques

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Regular shoppers at one of Spain´s biggest grocery stores, the French owned Carrefour, are in for a treat this year, as the company has announced that saving cheques will be paid out six times this year, instead of the normal four.

What that means is that shoppers who have been accumulating points since the last payout can now collect what they have accrued.

However, you have to act quick, because you must use your savings before 7 March, 2019. If you don´t use them, you lose them!

The cheques available now are for savings accrued for the period between 22 November, 2018, and 3 January, 2019, so all of your Christmas spending bonuses, if you made any, are available for you to enjoy right now.

So don´t miss out, go and get your cheque and spend it before it expires, and if you´re looking for inspiration, chocolates are always nice. Our address is printed at the front.

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