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Gala Animalista in Torrevieja



Gala Animalista in Torrevieja

On Tuesday, 30 April, the Virgen del Carmen centre in Torrevieja will host the first ever, “Gala Animalista”, paying tribute to the work of volunteers, collaborators and the security services and the work they do for animal welfare.

Gala Animalista in Torrevieja

Torrevieja´s councillor for animal protection, Carmen Morate, launched the event, explaining how the aim is to recognise those who dedicate their time to animal welfare, “I invite all citizens, lovers and defenders of animals, all the followers of our social networks, the shelters, the adopters, the walkers, and especially the volunteers who in their day to day lives guarantee the welfare of the animals in the Municipal Shelter, to the first Gala Animalista”.

It might seem surprising but a dedicated department for animal welfare in Torrevieja was only set up n 2015, and so the event pays tribute to those who have been involved from the start and through the current administration.

The event starts at 8 p.m. at the Virgen del Carmen centre on Tuesday evening and everyone is welcome to take part.



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