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Education begins the construction works of the new CEIP Amanecer de Torrevieja with an investment of more than 6 million euro

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The general director of Educational Infrastructures in Valencia, Víctor Garcia, and the representatives of the company Acciona Construcciones SA have today signed the act of commencement of works of the new CEIP Amanecer de Torrevieja in which the department of the minister Vicent Marzà will invest more than six million euro.

The event, which took place on the same municipal site of almost 9,000 m2 on Avenida de los Nenúfares, where the new school will be built, was also attended by the territorial director of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports in the regions of Alicante, David Vento, the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, the Councillor for Education, Ricardo Recuero, and the educational community of CEIP Amanecer.

The general director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor Garcia, stressed that “the signing is a key milestone because it opens the 14-month period of works that will make it possible for the investment of more than 6 million euro by the Department in Torrevieja to become a new school with which we not only take a leap in the educational quality of the municipality by ending the structural barracks, but we are also generating more than 150 jobs in the construction sector “.

The department of Minister Vicent Marzà put out to tender the construction of the new CEIP Amanecer for more than 6.8 million euro and an execution period of 14 months. 18 companies participated in a public tender won by Acciona Construcción SA, which has promised to do the work for just over 6 million euro.

The new CEIP Amanecer is the first stage of a plan to modernize the educational centres of Torrevieja in which the Department will invest more than 22 million euro. The second stage will be the demolition and construction again on the same plot of the CEIP Inmaculada Concepción, works worth 7 million euro that Educación de la Generalitat plans to put out to public tender during the first quarter of 2022.

In this sense, the general director has advanced that the Department has just awarded the contract for the rental and assembly of the temporary facilities that will house the 425 students of the CEIP Inmaculada Concepción while the works last: “We are going to invest more than one million euro in modern and comfortable temporary facilities so that the students and teachers of this school are in the best possible conditions until the construction of the new school is completed “.

The Regional Ministry and the City Council will coordinate the planning of the assembly of said provisional facilities on municipal land prepared by the council. “We are working so that the provisional school is ready before the summer with the aim that the transfer can be carried out as soon as the current course is finished and that the students begin the 2022-2023 course already in these state-of-the-art prefabricated classrooms”, specifies the general director.

The forecast of the Ministry is that the construction works of the new Inmaculada Concepción CEIP will begin at the end of 2022. The construction period of the new school is 14 months, so if there are no unforeseen events, the centre would be finished in March 2023.

The rest of the investment will come via the ‘Edificant’ plan through an initial investment of the Ministry of 8.8 million euro in five actions that will be managed by the council and that will allow to reform and expand the institutes Las Lagunas, Torrevigía and Libertas, as well as the Virgen del Carmen and Cuba schools.

The general director of Educational Infrastructures has explained that the processing of these five delegations of powers is already in its final phase: “In the coming months, Education will program the investment annuities and will send the five proposals for the delegation of works to the Torrevieja City Council for its approval by the municipal plenary session “.

The new CEIP Amanecer will be a low energy consumption centre

The new CEIP Amanecer will be a two-line school (6 Infant classrooms and 12 Primary classrooms) that will have two free classrooms for Infant 2 years and a gym and dining room for 360 people in two shifts with its own kitchen.

The constructed area will be 4,311 m2 and the student will enjoy 5,904.33 m2 of outdoor spaces that include differentiated play areas between Infant and Primary, interior courtyards and landscaping, sports court, vegetable garden and porches.

It will be a completely accessible centre, since it will have an elevator that will connect the ground floor with the first floor, and it is already planned to install sustainable solar panels to generate energy for the centre’s consumption.

In this way, the new school will have a 35,200Wp photovoltaic generator, using a 33kVA inverter, with a 400V three-phase connection, connected to the internal supply network associated with the school, located on the roof of the Primary building. The total surface of the plates will be 176 m2.

The solar panels together with the high efficiency air conditioning systems, in addition to the fact that the entire lighting installation will be by low consumption LED lights, with sensors that turn off the lights in the common areas when they do not detect movement and regulate the intensity of the light. The interior light of the classrooms according to the input of sunlight, will make the new CEIP Amanecer an energy efficient centre (Category A) since its consumption of non-renewable primary energy will be 24.77 kWh / m2 per year and its emissions of carbon dioxide carbon of 3.71 kg of CO2 per m2 per year.

These standards of sustainable construction and low energy consumption will also be applied to the new CEIP Inmaculada Concepción, which will also have an electrical energy generation system through a photovoltaic installation and aerothermal equipment for the supply of sanitary hot water.

Like the CEIP Amanecer, the new Inmaculada Concepción will also be equipped with air conditioning by means of Air Treatment Units (AHU) for all teaching rooms with hot-cold capacity and ventilation, guaranteeing a correct renewal of the air in the classrooms.

The current school will be demolished and a new two-line school will be built on the same municipal plot of 6,092 m2 (6 nursery classrooms, 12 Primary classrooms), which will also have 2 free 2-year-old infant classrooms. The new school will have a gym and a dining room for 400 people in two shifts with its own kitchen.

In total, the constructed area will be 4,536.74 m2 and the surface area of the free spaces available to students will be 3,216.29 m2, which will include children’s and primary school play areas, landscaping, sports court and porches.

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