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Awards of the XII Young Entrepreneurs Contest

Councillor for Employment, Domingo Paredes, together with the Deputy Mayor, Rosario Martínez Chazarra, have presented the prizes to the winners of the XII Young Entrepreneurs Award:

This initiative has been created by the Department of Employment and the Local Development Agency (ADL) to promote and support young entrepreneurs.

The objective of this municipal initiative is to create an adequate framework for the creation of new companies, at the same time as reducing youth unemployment rates and encouraging our young entrepreneurs.

In its twelve years of existence, it has sought to reward people with entrepreneurial initiative who have started a new business, providing support and backing for their new business activity, so that it serves as a stimulus for the creation of new companies and new jobs. in the field of the economy of the municipality of Torrevieja.

The announcement of the awards has a specific purpose: to promote entrepreneurship among Torrevieja society, promote social recognition of entrepreneurs, promote a positive image of the employer as a generator of wealth and employment, as well as the creation of companies and services related to the tourism sector, local commerce, new technologies, conservation and rehabilitation of buildings, environment, sports, leisure and free time.

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