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Unlucky Burglars Arrested in Torrevieja

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Specialised in home robberies, two thieves who had acted in several municipalities of Alicante, Murcia and Extremadura, have ended up behind bars due to carelessness and a bit of bad luck.

The Guardia Civil stopped a car at a routine checkpoint, and asked the driver for documentation, which he presented, to which the driver offered his licence and a Greek identity card. The officers were suspicious and verified that the documents were fake. In view of these facts, this person, a 33-year-old Georgian man, was arrested for the crimes of false documents and against road safety.

The detainee, once in the Torrevieja Guardia Civil station, requested that a friend bring him his true personal documentation in order to prove his identity.

On the morning of the next day, a man showed up who was carrying the detainee’s Georgian passport. When the agents told this person to identify himself, he only provided incongruous information, making excuses at all times for not showing his own documentation.

After trying in every possible way to identify this individual and after learning that he had gone to the police station in a car, the agents, accompanied by this person, went to the car in order to obtain his true affiliation by through the vehicle documentation.

In a first superficial search of the vehicle, specifically inside the glove compartment, the agents found two forged Georgian driving licences, a Greek identity card that had been illegally altered, two photocopies of the aforementioned identity card, and also a precision balance.

After the discovery and the man’s state of nervousness, the agents continued with a more exhaustive search of the vehicle, finding various effects hidden in various parts of the vehicle, specifically in a double bottom on the roof of the vehicle, under the ashtray and under the lever of the handbrake.

In addition to the documentation previously seized, the officers also found 14,240 euro in cash, 127 pieces of jewellery, a set of binoculars, plastic witnesses used by criminals to mark the doors of their possible victims and various tools for opening doors, like various sets of lockpicks.

Once the detainee’s friend was fully and truthfully identified, it was possible to prove that he was a 40-year-old man of Georgian nationality, at which time he was arrested for the crime of forgery of a public document.

Given the discovery of the large number of jewels, officers in Torrevieja began an intense work of consultations in the police databases. They quickly linked over 70 pieces recovered in robberies inside homes in the towns of Elche, Petrer and Cartagena.

Continuing with the investigations, the same day a search was carried out at the home of both detainees, in the town of Elche, seizing various objects that were linked to a new robbery in the town of Badajoz.

The detainees, in addition to the aforementioned crimes, have been charged with a total of 5 crimes of robbery with force inside homes. Both have been placed at the disposal of the Court of Torrevieja, who has decreed their entry into prison.

The investigations are still open, and it is not ruled out that the number of those affected by these criminals will increase, since to date some 70 pieces of jewellery have been returned to their rightful owners.

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