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Contract for drafting Torreta III Project Awarded

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Torreta III Torrevieja

Torrevieja’s Local Government Board has approved the award of the contract for the drafting of the Torreta III – Punta de la Víbora redevelopment project, based on the Framework Agreement, for an amount of 525,870 euro (IVA included). The execution period for writing this project is 4 months, but it is worth noting that this contract is for the drafting of the project, as mentioned, not the completion of the work required.

The Torreta urbanisation was created at the beginning of the 80s and is in a poor state of conservation, as has been the case for many years, and so, now, Torrevieja Council intends to complete the urbanisation of the sector and replace the degraded infrastructures that need replacement and adaptation to the conditions established by current legislation, with the aim of solving the problems that are generated in the area, improving the quality of life and the services of the neighbours who have been waiting decades for action.

The redevelopment project has three lines of action:

FORMATION OF NEW ROADS. The creation of 2,095 linear metres of new road is proposed, including the corresponding service infrastructure such as drinking water, sewerage, public lighting, furniture and gardening.

STUDY OF THE STATE OF THE CURRENT ROADS. Carrying out a study of the current state of the existing infrastructures, their deficiencies and a proposal with the improvements proposed according to current needs and current regulations on the matter. Review and completion of infrastructures for the distribution of drinking water, sanitation, electricity distribution, lighting and street furniture. All this in a total of 49,059 m2 of road surface in which all the works to be carried out to condition these roads will be defined from the point of view of urban integration, removal of architectural barriers and creation of sufficient provision of car parks and other services.

EQUIPMENT TO EXECUTE. It is proposed to develop the green zone in a surface of 75,000 m2, respecting at all times the natural condition that it may have with the Torrevieja Lagoons, in accordance with the current regional legislation. Resulting in a proposal for a green area that provides an attractive and inclusive solution in the area, in addition to establishing a connection with the greenway of Torrevieja (old railway track).

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