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Brits Amongst 19 Arrestees in Torrevieja Cannabis Clampdown

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Torrevieja drugs

Seven cannabis associations in Torrevieja have been dismantled by the Guardia Civil in an operation in which 19 people between the ages of 25 and 69 of eight nationalities have been arrested and nearly of ten kilograms of marijuana, prohibited weapons and more than 10,000 euro seized.

Operation ‘Libro Registro’ included ten searches in premises and homes, in addition to the arrest of people from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Lithuania and Chile, in an investigation that began when a slight increase was detected in infractions related to the consumption and possession of drugs in specific areas of Torrevieja, with minors and foreign tourists involved.

The operation took place during March and April, and it was discovered that, under the guise of non-profit associations, these organisations exceeded the amounts of marijuana allowed per member for consumption that was not limited to the interior of the premises.

Nor were records of the origin of the drug kept and four of the seven associations were not registered in the National Registry of Associations.

Likewise, it was revealed that these associations did not limit their activity to their members but also allowed sales of drugs to minors and foreign tourists, all of which revealed that the investigated associations turned out to be mere instruments designed to give an appearance of legality to the cultivation and distribution of drugs.

The operation was carried out in several phases, between March 28 and April 26, and a total of seven searches were carried out at the associations’ headquarters and three more at the homes of some of those responsible, where the arrests were made.

9,338 kilos of marijuana, 1,276 of hashish, 30 grams of cocaine, 32 litres of liquid cannabis, 42 marijuana plants, 60 canisters with liquid cannabis, various prohibited weapons and more than 10,000 euro were seized, and one of the searches revealed a clandestine production of hashish, where products derived from cannabis were made, such as chocolates, cookies, resins, oils and drinks.

According to their degree of participation, those arrested have been investigated for alleged crimes against public health, illegal possession of weapons and belonging to a criminal group, and have been made available to the Torrevieja Investigating Courts, which have ordered their release, with precautionary measures for all of them.

As a result of the evidence collected, the judicial authorities have ordered the temporary closure of the seven associations involved in the investigation for a period of 5 years as a preventive measure to guarantee the safety and well-being of the community.

Torrevieja drugs
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