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Torrevieja PP Wins Local Elections with More Councillors

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The PP in Torrevieja

The Partido Popular (PP) of Torrevieja, with the residing mayor Eduardo Dolón leading the list, has once again obtained an absolute majority in the local elections, but this time with more councillors elected than in 2019.

The election results in Torrevieja 2023

The PP obtained 12,640 votes this time, compared to 10,614 in 2019. The main opposition were the socialist PSOE group, who had lots of internal problems in the run up to the elections and obtained 4,704 votes. The PP therefore have 16 out of the 25 councillors, and the PSOE, 6. The rest of the government team made up by Vox and Sueña, with 2 and 1 seats, respectively.

Share of votes in the 2023 local elections in Torrevieja

The latest data from the Institute of National Statistics states the population of Torrevieja is 83,547 (2022), and therefore, despite their improved success, only around 15% of the population actually voted for the PP. This, as always, was due to the poor representation of the residents in the election process.

There were only ever around half of the population eligible and registered to vote, 43,437, and of those, only around half actually took part, 22,973, a slightly higher figure than 2019. Voter apathy is a long-term problem but is something that must be addressed in order to obtain true representation. If you were not registered to vote this time, and Brexit has changed the rules, but it is still possible, now is the time to make enquiries as to how you can ensure your voice is heard next time, although that will now not be for another 4 years.

The good news for many foreign residents is that the improved result for the PP means that the councillor for international residents, Gitte Lund Thomsen, has once again made it to government, after Eduardo Dolón took a risk by moving her down the list, much to the disappointment of many residents who have been helped by both her department and her directly over the last 4 years.

The department for international residents exists to help you with anything that you might find a problem or troubling, especially focused on those foreign residents in the town, and they can also advise and help you get registered to vote for next time.

Eduardo Dolón will also be joining the regional government of Valencia, after the PP were also successful in the regional elections.

The PP in Torrevieja

The first 16 members presented on the PP Torrevieja list are:

1. Eduardo Jorge Dolon Sanchez

2. María Rosario Martínez Chazarra

3. Ricardo Recuero Serrano

4. Rosa María Cañón Rodríguez

5. Diana Box Alonso

6. Federico Alarcón Martínez

7. I nmaculada Montesinos Pérez

8. Antonio Francisco Vidal Arévalo

9. Concepción Sala Maciá

10. María Sandra Sánchez Andreu

11. José Antonio Quesada Hurtado

12. Domingo Paredes Ibáñez

13. Maria Jose Ruiz Egea

14. María Gertrudis Páez Martínez

15. Gitte Lund Thomsen

16. Óscar Urtasun North

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