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August Warning for Torrevieja Friday Market Attendees

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Torrevieja Friday Market

If you are planning to go to Torrevieja´s Friday market in August, we have some bad news.

Firstly, on the first Friday of the month, Friday 4 August, the Friday market has been completely cancelled, in order to make way for the Reggaeton Beach Festival (RBF). The fun fair will also be closed for the same reason.

After that, for all other Fridays in August, parking at the market will be substantially reduced, as the ground will be taken up by the infrastructure for the Brilla Torrevieja event. This was the situation last year, and it caused chaos in the surrounding roads, as people looked to try to find a parking space in the limited capacity areas.

On account of the fact that the market traders have been prevented from earning any income during the busiest weekend of the year, to make way for a multimillion euro earning event, we encourage you not to avoid the market on the subsequent Fridays, and to continue to support those traders. Instead, consider parking some distance away, allowing extra time for the experience, and walking, or alternatively, using the limited bus service from the town centre.

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