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Torrevieja Burglars Arrested in Madrid

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Torrevieja Burglars

A joint operation of agents from the National Police of Elche and Murcia resulted in the dismantling of a traveling group specialised in robbing commercial establishments, which included premises in Torrevieja.

The investigation has been extended to Madrid where the five members of the gang have been arrested, to whom eight robberies are attributed in Elche, Torrevieja and in the municipality of San Javier in the Region of Murcia.

The loot achieved by the gang in the eight robberies with which they are accused amounts to around 65,000 euro.

The modus operandi used by the group consisted of manipulating the box at the main entrance of the stores to deactivate the entire security circuit, to hiding inside the establishments open to the public to manipulate and rob the safes during closing hours.

The detainees are four men and one woman, of Spanish, Colombian and Moroccan nationalities, who are between 19 and 42 years old.

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