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Torrevieja Budgets Face Real Opposition

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The opposition PSOE of Torrevieja this week voted against the final approval of the municipal budgets, sticking to the reasons they explained before Christmas, following the interventions of their councillor, David Villanueva, which they shared through their spokesperson, Barbera Soler.

The first point they made is that half of the financing will come from the disposal of municipal land located in the Puerto de la Sal area. Since no one buys for 22 million to plant trees, they say, what it implies is a clear commitment on the part of the council to approve new skyscrapers in an area in which towers of up to 23 heights are already planned and are still awaiting final approval.

The budgets presented are not going to mean an improvement in the lives of the people of Torrevieja. There is no investment in infrastructure or services for the residents of the town, who no longer fit on the beaches, who receive a terrible solid waste collection service, a forgotten industrial estate, a worrying lack of parking, or a Torrevieja Hospital that no longer has capacity to serve all citizens of their coverage area today.

In this regard, the PSOE spokesperson took the opportunity to point out that the recently appointed head of the regional government, Carlos Mazón, has almost completely eliminated the expansion of the hospital while, curiously, private Ribera clinics are opening in the area, run by the company who once raised the public hospital to flagship status.

In short, the investments are not guaranteed, since there is talk of obtaining 22 million on account of an urban plan that is missing a good section and of a disposal file that has not even begun to be processed, and, furthermore, they are going to be at the cost of great damage to the quality of life of Torrevieja residents.

Fortunately, the local socialist group points out, the national government led by the socialist Pedro Sánchez has approved that local entities will receive the record figure of 28,5 billion euro from the financing system in 2024. According to the intervention calculation that appears in the budgets themselves, about 23 million, a little more than the zero euro that the Treasury councillor in Torrevieja calculated that we were going to receive from the State.

They conclude by describing the budget with much less social spending and investments in the air, as a real toast to the sun.

The Sueña Torrevieja group had also previously criticised the budget proposal as the financing relied on the sale of land and loans, neither of which were guaranteed.

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