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Wednesday is Andalusia Day – Free Concert in Torrevieja

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Every year, on 28 February, the people of Andalusia in the south of Spain celebrate their special commemorative day. However, as the people, cultures and customs of that area have spread throughout much of the country, so do the celebrations.

This year, Andalusia Day falls on Wednesday and commemorates the referendum that gave rise to the autonomous process of the province.

It is almost unfathomable to think that so much of what is now considered historical change happened quite recently, as is the case here, as it was in 1980 that Andalusia became part of one of the 17 autonomous communities in the Spanish territory.

Like any autonomous community, it has its own parliament and management bodies. Founded in 1992, the Andalusian Parliament building houses the presidential office, the government council, the members of the parliament and the community councils.

The name Andalusia comes from the name that the Muslims gave to the region during their occupation, al-Andalus.

Although there are many “Spanish” cultures that originated in Andalusia, arguably one of the most popular and distinctive is flamenco, a fusion artform that brings music, dance, colour and costumes together in celebration, and so, on this special day, it might come as no surprise that flamenco plays a large part in the celebrations.

In Torrevieja, a concert will be held in the Palacio de la Musica, Día de Andalucía: Pasodobles de España, starting at 7 p.m., on Wednesday, a concert organised by the Andalusian association of Torrevieja for the celebration of Andalusia Day. This time with the Spanish pasodoble as the main theme.

There is more good news because admission to the event is free, but as there are only 235 seats available in the venue, you might be disappointed if you don´t get there early enough.

Otherwise, feel free to dress accordingly, in the traditional attire that makes the area so vibrant and colourful, take your castanets if you have them, and enjoy a little piece of the south of Spain spreading through the rest of the country.

Andalusia Day in Torrevieja
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