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One Million Euro Pest Control Contract Approved for Torrevieja

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Torrevieja Pest Control

The councillor-secretary of the Local Government Board in Torrevieja, Federico Alarcón, has reported that the contracting file for the Comprehensive Pest Control, Deratization, and Disinfection Service of the municipality of Torrevieja was approved.

The estimated value of the contract amounts to 1,158,457 euro (IVA included), being constituted by the annual amount for the three years initially planned, plus the two-year extensions, for a total of five years of contract.

The objective of this contract is the provision of urban pest prevention and control services (deratization and disinfection) in Torrevieja, contemplating the performance of the following works:

Deratization, which includes the control and elimination of rodents, particularly rats and mice, considered harmful to public health.

Disinfestation, which includes the control and elimination of harmful or disease-spreading insects in general, and in particular, Diptera (including mosquitoes) and their larvae; It also includes population control of the pine processionary caterpillars (without explaining the realisation that the elimination of caterpillars means no butterflies, which are necessary for the propagation of plants), blatodeos (different species of cockroaches) and any insect with a possible impact on public health.

Disinfection, which includes immediate or delayed elimination, the latter through removal of infected waste, of germs harmful to health.

The councillor responsible for pest control, Diana Box Alonso, has given a very positive assessment of this new contract, which will serve to respond to possible pests that may occur over the next five years.

Among the execution of the works that will be carried out, mosquito control stands out (weekly checks and special events due to rain), deratization, and disinfection in public centres (teaching centres and markets, sports centres and other municipal offices), control processionary (teaching centres and parks and gardens) and exterior surfaces (exterior surfaces, parks and gardens and attention to notices).

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