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Ombudsman Agrees with Torrevieja PSOE over Government Transparency Complaint

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Barbara Soler

The Sindic de Greuges, ombudsman of the Valencia community, has issued a resolution that agrees with the PSOE in Torrevieja over the complaint regarding the delay in receiving files from Torrevieja’s PP government team.

Bárbara Soler, spokesperson for the PSOE Municipal Socialist Group, announced the RESOLUTION OF CONSIDERATIONS TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF 03/14/2024 through which the SINDIC DE GREUGES DE LA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA has completely agreed with the PSOE in its complaint because the delivery of the administrative files requested from Torrevieja council to supervise the action of the PP Government, with Mayor Eduardo Dolón at the head, took longer than reasonable, reaching, sometimes, more than two months.

In extract, the operative part of the Sindic Resolution ends by ordering the Torrevieja City Council to:

– that all organisational measures are adopted so that requests for access to public information presented by councillors are resolved within a maximum period of 5 calendar days, and so that said information is effectively delivered within a maximum period of ten days.

– that the author of the complaint be allowed direct access, through the municipal computer platform, to the information contained in the record books, minutes books and resolutions of the Mayor’s Office and

– that the opposition councillors be allowed to access the information contained in the computer platform in the same way as the councillors of the government team, since, without prejudice to their duty of confidentiality, all of them are members of the same Local Corporation and that access is necessary to exercise the functions of the public office for which they have been democratically elected.

The Sindic gives the Torrevieja Council a period of no more than one month from receipt of the resolution to respond, for which they request, unequivocally, the position regarding the above.

With this decision, it is also clearly confirmed that the veracity and justice of the complaint made by Bárbara Soler, in her Press Conference on January 4, 2024, where she put on the table the institutional blockade that the PSOE had been suffering, in which the receipt of administrative files with a long delay by the socialist councillors was part of that blockade.

In fact, along with the documentation sent to the Sindic de Greuges were the files mentioned in that press conference, that is, a file from the Valencian Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Agency and another on the Cultural Management Service of the Theatre, Auditorium and International Conservatory awarded to the company ESATUR.

The importance of the Sindic Resolution is crucial for the PSOE and the rest of the opposition parties, since it opens the way for elected officials who are not part of the PP team to have access to the information required to carry out its oversight of government action.

Furthermore, with this decision they are rejecting the illegal practice used by the Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, who, knowingly, has been skipping the Laws of the Government of the Nation and the Valencian Community on transparency, access to public information and good national government, where any citizen is recognised the right of access to public information free of charge and electronically, within a maximum period of ten days, and yet, the Mayor submitted the delivery of administrative files to the opposition councillors within a maximum period of 30 business days, based on article 36 of the Municipal Organic Regulations (ROM), which is a legal norm of lower rank than the national and community laws indicated and, therefore, clearly contrary.

In short, the Sindic disgraces the Mayor of Torrevieja, that any ordinary citizen could receive the requested administrative information in a shorter period of time than the PSOE councillors, who as elected officials have among their fundamental rights that of participation and control.

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