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Parque Aromatico de Torrevieja – Aromatic Park

Parque Aromatico de Torrevieja – Aromatic Park

Breathe, feel, walk and rest in the pleasant Parque Aromatico de Torrevieja. A place to test your senses.

Discovering Torrevieja is always done through the senses, whether through the taste of salt, the vision of the coastline, or, in the case of the aromatic park, smell, because your senses will be in for a treat at the Parque Aromatico del barranco de Torreblanca.

Just by taking a pleasant walk through the Parque Aromatico de Torrevieja you will be able to enjoy a charming aroma of plants. In its entire surface, around 70,000 square metres, the park is full of aromatic plants and shrubs such as thyme, lavender, rosemary, orange blossom and basil, many of which are dressing shelters where you can sit in the shade and ponder life around you. A tour through your senses that will make you forget about time and just feel the fragrance they give off.

This park is the work of the Catalan architect Carmen Pinós and it is an avant-garde environmental and landscape regeneration project.

In Torrevieja you can escape from the city just by entering this park. A place that allows you to take pleasant walks and rest thanks to what nature has to offer here. So, relax and take a deep breath, you have just discovered a new corner of Torrevieja with a lot of charm.




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