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S-61 Delfin Submarine in Torrevieja

Torrevieja Floating Museum

A must-see museum in Torrevieja harbour

The Torrevieja Floating Museum, Museo Flotante, features a number of retired boats that you are welcome to explore at certain times, and a range of related exhibits on the port area.

Located in the main harbour in Torrevieja, one of the highlights of the floating museum as to be the S-61 Delfin submarine.

The decommissioned submarine that was used by the Spanish Navy between 1973 and 2003 and is now converted into a museum where you can to tour its interior and learn all the details that make up this Daphne class sub.

Torrevieja has always had a great seafaring tradition and a very good relationship with the Navy, which is why on December 1, 1974, it handed over the combat flag to the S-61 Delfín submarine. Thus, when the submarine left service, it also delivered its last flag in Torrevieja so that it could be used in a cultural space.

Inside the museum you can visit various areas such as the living quarters and control room, experiences, albeit briefly, life inside this floating tube. Of course, being a submarine, there is limited space, so if you don’t like being crammed in, or have feelings of claustrophobia, this is not the place for you. There is also a minimum height for visitors.

The submarine is not open all year, so you will need to check with the Tourist Information Office, and it can be closed on short notice for safety reasons, such as during rain, but when it is open, it is definitely an experience.

Next door to the S-61 submarine is the Albatros III Patrol Boat, which belonged to the Customs Surveillance Service until 2006, when it joing the Floating Museum in Torrevieja in March of that year.

Again, this boat offers an insight into life on the Mediterranean Sea, but this time from the aspect of those out to protect the shoreline from the likes of smugglers.

Finally, the Pailebote Pascual Flores often sits in the floating museum in Torrevieja, but this ship is frequently absent as it tours the country promoting Torrevieja.

Pascual Flores is a reconstruction of the original boat used by Torrevieja sailors to trade salt.

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