Bombing of Torrevieja

Hombre del Mar Torrevieja

On 25 August 1938, there was a major bombing of Torrevieja, when Italian fascist aviation “Savoia”, at the command of the revolted Francoist army, attacked Torrevieja, in a bombing raid that caused 19 deaths and dozens of injuries, the vast majority of them civilians.

Each year on 25 August, at the Hombre del Mar monument in Torrevieja, a gathering takes place to mark the anniversary of the Fascist bombardment.

During the concentration, the participants throw a carnation into the sea for each of the victims, while reading their names.

In addition, as every year, a bouquet of flowers will be placed at the entrance of the port, as it is the point of the municipality that registered the highest number of civilian fatalities.

The event is designed to “pay homage to all the victims of the fascist bombing and continue to demand the placement of a permanent monolith in their memory; but that we also hope it will serve to vindicate memory, justice and reparation for all the victims murdered and retaliated against by fascism during the Civil War and the decades of Franco’s dictatorship that followed.

The groups continue to affirm that «the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was provoked by the Francoist army after the failed coup against the legitimate democratic government of the Second Spanish Republic; a Francoist army that had the military support from the first day of both Italian fascism and German Nazism, which allowed the rebels to have the most advanced military weapons and bomb entire towns that had no military interest, for the mere fact of killing civilians, causing pain and suffering and thus undermining public moral.