Emergency Telephone Numbers in Spain

Dial 112 in an emergency

Emergency Telephone Numbers in Spain

We hope that you never have an emergency, but just in case, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the emergency telephone numbers in Spain, as some of them are unique. You could also add them to your phone contacts now, so that you have them at hand in case the worst should happen.

Emergency services – 112

The 112 emergency number is a European standard and the operators speak a variety of languages, including English. Call 112 for the police, fire service, ambulance, or other emergency, remembering to be prepared to give your exact location to the call handler.

The 112 emergency number is the only number you need to remember, as the emergency call centre will help you whatever emergency you have, and can speak to you in English (and other languages). There are other specific numbers for the emergency services if you do speak Spanish.

National police – 091

091 is the emergency number for the National Police in Spain. However, if you don’t speak Spanish, it is better to use the 112 emergency number.

Guardia Civil – 062

062 is the emergency telephone number for the Guardia Civil. However, if you don’t speak Spanish, you are better off calling the 112 emergency services number.


The number 800 009 662 is an exclusive and free telephone number for the fight against terrorism. If you don’t speak Spanish, you should call the emergency number 112.

Fire service – 080 or 085

080 or 085 are the short numbers for the fire service, but if you don’t speak Spanish you should use the 112 emergency number.

Medical emergencies – 061

The 061 telephone number is specific to medical emergencies. If you don’t speak Spanish, you should dial 112 instead.

Gender violence – 016

The gender violence helpline, 016, is available to provide help to victims of domestic violence. The calls can be handled in any of 53 languages, including English. You can also WhatsApp to 600 000 016.

Suicide prevention – 024

The suicide prevention telephone number is 024 and calls can be translated into a number of languages, including English.


There is also a mobile phone application called Alertcops, available on Android and Apple devices, and in English. Once set up and tested, this app will stay mostly dormant on your phone, but if you need to alert the emergency services to an incident you can use the app to submit immediate information such as pictures and your location.