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Torrevieja Municipal Theatre

Torrevieja Municipal Theatre

The municpal theatre in the centre of Torrevieja

The Torrevieja Municipal Theatre, Teatro Municipal de Torrevieja, is a cultural centre built on the site of a previously listed building, a cinema, which was demolished to make way for this venue.

Not without further controversy, the theatre was closed down amid safety concerns, due to numerous violations in terms of building, fire, and other safety regulations, although all aspects were rectified, and the building is now certified as compliant, and safe.

The Torrevieja Municipal Theatre was the work of architects Alejandro Zaera Polo and Antonio Marqueríe Tamayo, and began life in December 2003.

Occupying an area of ​​1,100 square metres in the Plaza de Miguel Hernández, which was also remodelled at the same time, the overall cost was 7 million euro, of which 3 were provided by the regional government, Generalitat Valenciana.

The complex has a main room, with a 400 square metre stage, and a capacity for 650 spectators, a 400 square metre rehearsal room that is completely open-plan, a press room, 2 multipurpose rooms, a VIP room, 8 individual dressing rooms, 4 collective dressing rooms, 2 vocal rooms, an orchestra pit, warehouses and 2 office floors with 7 individual offices, 2 archives, a meeting room and a customer service area.

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