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The judge presiding over a case in which a male is charged in connection with an attack on three women in the Murcia town of El Raal has suspended the hearing for a second time.

It is alleged that the man, known as TR, assaulted the three women on a rural lane, hitting them with an object, with the intention of robbing them. One of the women died at the scene as a result of injuries sustained in the attack.

The case has been suspended on account of a “very important” witness being unavailable, said to be in Casablanca, having been expelled from Spain. The court is now trying to find the witness and make arrangements for a video link in order for evidence to be given at the trial.

The prosecutor is asking for 44 years in prison for the alleged attacker, whereas the defence say that his client maintains his innocence “from day one that he was arrested” and during “the time spent in prison, has never changed his story”.

The incident occurred at around 16:45 on the 27th of February, 2012, when three elderly women, aged between 69 and 80, were walking down a country path in the Los Cobos area of the Murcia town of El Raal, next to a lemon grove.

The defendant, who was born in Morocco, and was 31 years of age at the time, and with no criminal record, is said to have “silently” approached the women from behind, equipped with an industrial stick of some 88 centimetres in length and 4 centimetres thick, and was “driven by the desire” to rob them, “even at the expense of their lives and physical integrity of the elderly women”.

According to the prosecution, the accused then hit one of the women with a blow that was “not too hard”, resulting in her falling to the ground, stunned. The accused then dragged the victim towards the lemon grove, taking a purse from her pocket and removing the 5 euro note, 2 one euro coins and some cents.

Returning to the remaining pair, the accused stuck a more severe blow to the second victim, then dragging her to the same location as the first. Finally, dealing a “severe” blow to the third victim, who was no alone, where she fell to the floor stunned, the accused then taking a 5 euro note from her purse before fleeing, throwing the stick into the groves. It was that third victim who died the next day, suffering an acute subdural hematoma.

Two people said that they witnessed the alleged attacker flee in the opposite direction to where the victims lay. The accused is said to have then gone home, where he washed and shaved off his hair, before returning to work on a farm the next day.

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