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Miguel Carcaño

The National Police have asked the Court in Seville for permission to transfer the murderer of Marta del Castillo, Miguel Carcaño, to hospital from prison, in order for him to undergo a medically induced “truth test”.

On January the 24th, 2009, 17 year old Marta del Castillo failed to return home to Tartessos in Seville, after spending the afternoon with some friends, one of whom was Carcaño, her former boyfriend, who was 19 at the time, with whom she had recently separated.

The following day, her concerned parents reported the disappearance, as her mobile phone was also “turned off or out of coverage” and they were getting increasingly worried. The National Police instigated an investigation, with the last person known to have seen her stating that she had left the group at 21:30 on the night in question, and was believed to be heading straight home.

It was in February that Carcaño was arrested for her murder, admitting that he had killed her with an ashtray, and then he threw her body into the fast flowing Guadalquivir River. He accompanied investigators to the scene and pointed to the location where he said he had disposed of her, although there was no evidence of any substance and no sign of Marta.

Over the past 5 years, Carcaño´s version of events has changed numerous times, in both interviews and whilst in court, and her body has still never been found.

The Police insist that they remain committed to finding whatever remains of the girl and are convinced that by submitting Carcaño to the test it would enable them to find her, put her at peace and finally find justice for the tragedy.

The test has recently been used on a man who murdered his wife, which was being investigated by the Judicial Police of Zaragoza, who were also unable to find a body.

The neurological test, called P 300, consists of the use of electroencephalography apparatus, which is housed in the neurophysiology service at the Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet in Zaragoza.

Subjects who are examined by P 300 wear a device on their head, which reads impulses from the brain and displays them on a screen, which are interpreted by the brain as memories, only visible to those who understand the images.

The neurophysiologic program has already been used successfully in the United States, Japan and other countries in Europe and is considered more effective than traditional lie detectors.

In the request made to the courts, the statement from the National Police argues that this test does not involve the violation of any personal rights of Carcaño, but seeks to ensure that the subject is submitted to reveal memories about the issues that are presented in this case, in particular the place where he left the body of Marta del Castillo.

Carcaño, who has been in prison since 2009, was sentenced in February 2013 by the Supreme Court to 21 years and three months in prison for the murder of the young girl, and is incarcerated in the Herrera de la Mancha prison in Ciudad Real.

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