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Callosa horses

The EHCRC in Rojales are currently working closely with other animal welfare agencies to rescue twenty horses from what has been described as “a living hell” in Callosa de Segura.

The National Association for the Defence of Animals (ANDA) were alerted by British M.E.P. Arlene McArthy who herself has contacted the Animal Welfare Intergroup of the European Parliament.

Already El Refugio del Burrito, a major donkey rescue organisation based in Malaga has rescued nine donkeys from the premises. Two were in such a bad state they were euthanized on the spot and one other died two days later after arriving at the Malaga centre.

A spokesperson for El Refugio del Burrito stated that “This is undoubtedly the largest rescue that we have been involved in since we started our rescue operations in Spain. We are working very closely with our partners Rod and Sue Weeding, Co – Founders of the EHCRC to get these horses out of this wretched place.”

The premises at the centre of the controversy is owned by a dealer who buys and sells horses, donkeys and mules. They are kept in the most appalling condition, tied and locked up 24 hours a day with limited access to food and water, literally starving.

El Refugio del Burrito have already placed a criminal complaint against the owner of the place because of his continuing offences to existing Animal Welfare laws in Valencia, that is, continuous mistreatment and neglect of animals in his care.

Despite all of this evidence, unbelievably, a court in Orihuela had deemed to find no signs of crime and the judge ordered the case to be filed.

The dealer in question is alleged to be in violation of Law 4/1994 of July 8th of the Generalitat Valenciana on the Protection of Pets. He has also been repeatedly denounced for abuse and illegal transportation of animals. Reports from the Guardia Civil Seprona and the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat Valenciana have called for the closure of the business and the immobilisation of the animals within.

In the latest move regarding this case El Refugio del Burrito have contacted the EHCRC and advised them that their specialist lawyer, who is an expert in these matters, has drawn up the necessary paperwork which is currently going through the courts now and they are hoping for a positive outcome.

Sue Weeding, Co – Founder of the EHCRC adds,”We are currently monitoring the ongoing developments in this deplorable case and are in daily contact with our partners at Refugio del Burrito. As soon as we are advised that it is legally permissible to move in and rescue these horses we will, with help from the relevant authorities and our contacts who will be providing extra horse boxes and assistance. We will get these animals out and bring them here to the EHCRC where they will be examined by Dorothea, our vet, to assess their condition and provide the necessary treatment required to improve their state of health.

This whole saga makes us so sad. It shows a lack of awareness on animal welfare still exists in some sectors of Spanish society. There is still much work to be done in this regard, nevertheless we must continue to work and create awareness and educate people, especially the younger generation that this behaviour is unacceptable in a modern society. Obviously these extra horses are going to place a huge strain on our resources both financially and space availability but we cannot just sit back and do nothing.”

The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre would welcome any donations or horse sponsorship to assist in the upkeep of the 63 equines in their care and the extra animals when they arrive.

If you are a bar owner or business that would like to hold a charity event to support the centre please get in touch with Sue Weeding on 652 021 980 or email David East on pr@easyhorsecare.net The EHCRC will ensure that your event receives the maximum publicity in the press and on radio plus coverage on their Face book and website pages prior to, and after the event.

Every single cent donated or spent in any one of the five charity shops operated by the EHCRC goes towards the upkeep and care of the horses, donkeys and ponies.

If you have any furniture, white goods, clothes or metal for recycling to donate they will come and collect it from your home. Any large items such as furniture purchased in the shops can be delivered also. Please contact the charity shop hotline on 636 062 000.

You can see where your money is spent by visiting the centre every Sunday between 1pm and 4pm where refreshments are available in the garden café. The first informative horse tour where you can get close to and meet the equine resident’s starts at 2pm.

For more details on how to donate and for directions to the centre just outside Rojales Town Centre visit their website at www.easyhorsecare.net

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