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The 10,000th baby born in Torrevieja hospital

This week, María Bermúdez and Ramón Fernández, welcomed a new addition to their family, as baby Ramón was born in Torrevieja hospital. An everyday occurrence perhaps, but the one thing that sets this birth aside from all of the others, is that Ramón is the 10,000th baby to be born in the hospital since it opened in June, 2010.

The parents of this historic baby were both proud of their own achievements, and the achievements of the staff at the hospital who had looked after them during this precious time.

Equipped with all the latest technology, the Hospital of Torrevieja has a number of individual units for births, with a centralised control unit checking the monitors in each of the six birthing rooms, designed to provide the maximum privacy and security to the patient and those involved in the birth.

The hospital also offers a number of additional elements during the birthing process, such as a choice of music and lighting, offering the best in phototherapy to ease the relaxation during what can be an all too stressful time. Shortly, the unit will also be adding aromatherapy options too, enforcing the ability to experience the most unique and individually tailored birth as required by “mum”.

The hospital operate around the clock, 365 days of the year, and the professionals who operate in the hospital are becoming increasingly renowned for striving to offer the most comprehensive care package available.

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