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Floyd Mayweather will face Marcos Maidana again in his next fight with the rematch sure to capture the imagination of the boxing world.

 Image taken from: http://www.trbimg.com/img-5365db91/turbine/la-sp-boxing-mayweather-maidana-20140504

 Despite some perhaps wondering why Mayweather hasn’t gone after the likes of Manny Pacquiao or Amir Khan, there is little doubt that Maidana is a top class opponent who can trouble the champion.

 Opponents at a premium

 In truth, a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight doesn’t have the charm or mystery it once did, with the Filipino losing two of his last four fights, including one in devastating fashion to old foe Juan Manuel Marquez.

 Amir Khan may fight Mayweather soon, but unfortunately for the Briton the American’s next available date was during Ramadan, which Khan observes.

 With the amount of fasting that Khan would be undertaking during Ramadan, a professional fight and accompanying training camp was never an option so he must wait for his shot at the man they call “Money”.

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 The Money Man

 Where once he was “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather – in a reference to the gangster and the fact that the Grand Rapids fighter rarely got hit – he has evolved into “Money” Mayweather.

 It’s a piece of showmanship that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people who perhaps struggle to make ends meet, but in the world of Las Vegas it’s a name that fits perfectly.

 With casino games, gambling and plenty of money on show in the casinos of Las Vegas Floyd Mayweather and his controversial nickname is lauded. For people with the right sized wallet it is of course no problem to have a bash in the casinos while the majority of us settle for a Take away and the online casino version.

 The bout with Maidana will again take place in the MGM Grand with many of Mayweather’s fans set to enjoy the delights of Sin City and the casinos before settling down to what should be a great fight.

 Great fight ahead

 The 37-year-old will be confident of disposing of Maidana for a second time in quick succession but the Argentinian will also be confident of posing even more problems for the American this time around.

 Maidana is an awkward type, a tough as nails fighter with a quick punching although rigid style of boxing.

 Mayweather was able to second guess Maidana a little in their first fight, such was the Argentine’s reluctance to shake things up a little and change his roads towards the punches.

 Walking in straight lines was the Argentine’s downfall in the end, with Mayweather able to use all his experience and slipperiness to weave in and out of danger while catching Maidana.

 It remains to be seen if this fight will be similar but one thing is for sure, the fans in Las Vegas are in for another treat.

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