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Doctor Esteban de Vicente from the Chiron Torrevieja Hospital has been defending one of Spain´s oldest traditions, by explaining how the “siesta” can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 37% and also reduces the level of stress and physical tension.

In addition to the physical benefits, a short nap also increases the ability concentration by 34% and completely enhances alertness, vital in shift workers for improving their performance.

However, whereas the traditional siesta time may last for a few hours, the medic stressed that the nap time should not exceed thirty minutes, as this can start to reverse the benefits, thus having the opposite effect, a feeling of malaise and increased fatigue to levels previously felt.

“Sleeping longer or later than recommended is not a beneficial nap”, he explains, as it “affects the quality and duration of nocturnal sleep”, and can cause a symptom known as “sleep inertia”, resulting in “a dull feeling, accompanied by headaches and feeling no restorative sleep”.

As for making the most of your siesta, the doctor stressed that the nap must be done at certain times of day, preferably immediately before or after eating. Noise should be avoided and the room set to a good temperature. The most beneficial system would be the habit of napping every day at the same time.

The Chiron Torrevieja Hospital has the latest technology for conducting neuropsychological tests, which are capable of diagnosing sleep disorders and brain bioelectrical activity.

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