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Roundabout Scammers Investigated

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Officers from the Guardia Civil have been investigating nine people believed to be involved in an insurance scam that centred on catching out drivers on roundabouts.


The investigation began in June when officers received several complaints from insurance companies regarding incidents recorded in the Pontevedra area.

Investigators have so far attributed ten cases to the group who would claim for damages and compensation following collisions on roundabouts, a scam that so far exceeds 92,000 euro. In the reported collisions, there was little material damage and yet personal injury claims were always recorded.

The investigation then found that the modus operandi was the same in each incident. The “victim´s” car would be driving around the roundabout correctly in the outermost lane. The driver would then notice a vehicle driving in an inner lane, signalling to leave the roundabout although not being in the correct lane to do so. The scammers would then accelerate into the path of this vehicle, forcing a collision.

As the crash was deemed the fault of the driver in the wrong lane, the scammer would fake injuries, often calling on the police to unknowingly support and witness their charade at the scene, almost guaranteeing a precautionary transfer to hospital.

The medical expenses totalled 14,500 euro whilst the healthcare and recuperation totalled 78,000 euro worth of claims.

The case has now been handed to the courts in Vigo.

Remember, unless signs or signals indicate otherwise, you should always exit a roundabout from the right-hand, or outermost lane.

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