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New Portable Breathalysers

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We have been reporting recently on the new mobile speed detectors that the Guardia Civil have in service, small and compact enough to carry with them on their motorbikes, this time we are introducing you to another invaluable tool in their arsenal for keeping the roads safer, an evidential, portable breathalyser, the SAF’IR™ Evolution.


Like many police forces across Europe, the Guardia Civil use hand-held breathalysers at the moment, but these devices only give an approximate indication of alcohol consumption and are not used in evidence. Instead, a bigger, computerised machine is used which provides more accurate results and provides a report which can then be used as evidence in subsequent prosecution. As well as having these devices available in many of the traffic police stations, the Guardia Civil have a fleet of vehicles which have these computerised units installed and are used at the roadside.


However, these units are not always immediately available to officers who suspect alcohol has been consumed, or I the event of the failure of a standard roadside test. That is where these new SAF’IR™ EVOLUTION devices come into their own.

As well as being an evidential analyser, meaning that the testing accuracy is certified and valid in court. It has a start-up time of less than one minute, a simple user interface, and a long battery life that can be extended in-vehicle with an adapter. Not only that, the entire unit is in a case about the size of a household drill, along with sterile blow tubes and a printer that can process the fine on the spot, as well as recording the evidence.

It is because of the compactness of the units that they can also be carried on the new motorbikes, ready to be used at a moment´s notice, ensuring the most accurate record and processing of offenders is carried out in the shortest time possible.

Along with the new portable speed monitoring devices, these new breathalysers mean that the motorbikes and other vehicles patrolling our streets have never been as equipped to deal with offenders and the officers have never had such a valuable set of tools on-hand to ensure that the roads are safer for all.


SAF’IR™ Evolution SAF’IR™ Evolution


Size and Weight:              85mm x 255mm x 46mm – 600 grams

Measuring Principle:       Infrared spectrometry ethanol molecule-selective 9.46 µm-wavelength

Measuring Cycle:             Automatic with monitoring and diagnosis of good operation

Measurement Unit:        mg/L of alcohol in exhaled air, µg/L air, g/L blood BAC, %BAC

Measuring Range:           0 to 2,00 mg/L (0 to 450 BAC)

Measurement Display:  Function of unit chosen, accuracy maximum 1 µg/L

Measuring Frequency:  Ready to blow in less than 30 seconds

Calibration:         Dry gas / wet gas

Operating Temperature:              -5°C to +40°C

Data Transfer:   PC via USB port and ACS software

Memory:             Over 3,200 time-stamped events with Bluetooth printing

Display:                Graphic LCD

Power Supply:   Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery

Features:             Bluetooth printing and GPS applications

Battery Life:       Over 20 hours






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