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New Trafico Office Opens in Elche

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A new trafico office has opened in Elche, dealing with such matters as driving licence and vehicle documentation, as well as fines and sanctions, thus avoiding the previous requirement of visiting the office in Alicante.

Appointments can be booked through the DGT website, www.dgt.es, where you can choose the day and hour of your preference in the office located on Calle Fuensalida, number 5, 03293, Elche, Alicante (click the address for a link to the map).

The DGT hopes that the new office will reduce the waiting time and provide a better service to drivers, who had, in the past, often faced considerable delays in obtaining appointments.

Once you have selected the appointment section on the website (look for the button that resembles a calendar), then request an appointment (Solicitar Cita Previa en Jefaturas). You then have to choose your office (Selecciona una oficina), in this case Alicante/Alicant-Elche, and then the type of visit you are intending to carry out, office procedures (Trámites de oficina), Renewal of Drivers EU Licence (Renovación de permisos de conducción (solo UE/EEE)), Driving Licence Exchange (Canjes de permisos de conducción), or European Driving Licence Exchange (Canje de permiso de conducción europeo).

In the next stage, depending what you have selected previously, you will be given advice (in Spanish) as to what documents are required, and how to pay for your selected procedure. Once you have the information and documents, you can then click continue (Continuar) and fill in your personal details. Alternatively, you can nominate a person to represent you, in which case there is a section to add their details.

Then the computer system will then show you the available days and times of appointments, so you can choose the one that suits you best. At the beginning, appointments will be shown for the ten days following the day on which you request the appointment.

Once you have selected the day and time, the system will ask you to confirm the appointment and you can then set a reminder which shows the appointment details. In the event of having to change or cancel the appointment, you can do so through the system, or by calling 060 (in Spanish).

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