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Regional Government Vote to Support Removal of Motorway Tolls

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Despite the fact that the Partido Popular decided to abstain from the vote, the regional Valencia parliament has otherwise unanimously agreed to ask the National Government not to renew the concession on the AP-7 motorway, and to allow it to become a free-to-use highway.

If agreed, it will mean that once the current contract expires, which is at the end of December, 2019, the motorway will transfer to public operation, and so many of the traffic hotspots on the coastal roads will be relieved of a lot of congestion that brings them to a halt.

Areas such as Cabo Roig and Torrevieja, where the N-332 road sees standing traffic throughout summer, holiday periods and even during normal working days, should instantly see the benefits as traffic will be able to bypass the area along what is currently a motorway where tolls are applied.

Similarly, the Zenia Boulevard shopping centre will benefit, as the motorway has an exit directly at the location, again though, this is currently protected by tolls.

The National Government, which is currently dominated by the Partido Popular, are investigating the renewal of the toll licence, which has been described as a “joke” and “disturbing”, as freeing the road would be of “public interest”, and so pressure must still be put on the government not to proceed with these plans, according to those fighting for the tolls to be lifted.

The road has been used as a political bargaining tool during the last quarter of a century, and this latest show of support is hoped to liberate the concession which would indeed be of benefit to all road users, the environment, and the safety of the area.

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