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Important Information for This Weekend 20 January 2024

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Stupid Idiot Editor

Ladies and gentlemen, beloved followers, friends, and forgivers (hopefully)…

You know that thing after a time like Christmas when you don’t know what day it is???

Well, that is the reason our esteemed and “professional” editor is giving to a monumental error…

TORREVIEJA CARNIVAL STARTS NEXT WEEKEND, not this, as we have been saying on blog posts, articles, social media, podcasts, videos!!! (What a Muppet!)

The good news is that you have the information well in advance, but anything we have told you about the carnival, delay until next week!

Pet blessings, pig eating, horse shows, all of that is still this weekend, just not the carnival bit, so PLEASE don’t dress you pet up in a fancy costume and go to La Mata on Sunday or they might feel disappointed and a bit silly if they are the only one! It’s NEXT WEEK.

Carry on!

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