Daniel is forced to face the police in tonight’s Corrie


Peter suggests they keep Denise’s disappearance a secret from Ken as it would only distress him, but he puts pressure on Daniel to report it to the police. With Peter’s support, Daniel reports Denise as missing. At the same time Leanne, Nick and Simon ready to leave for Simon’s counselling session, but there’s no sign […]

Finn is terrified that Kasim will hear the truth in tonight’s Emmerdale


As Finn continues to spend time with Kasim, Pete warns him that he should be honest with his new love interest. Finn promises to tell Kasim that he regularly visited him in the hospital, but when he tries to do so, Kasim pulls him in for a spontaneous kiss. Later, when Emma meets Kasim, Finn […]

Ronnie demands to know whether Jack is cheating in tonight’s Eastenders


Ronnie refuses to believe that Jack is cheating on her with Honey, despite Roxy’s suspicions. However, when Ronnie starts to become paranoid over the situation, she plucks up the courage to confront Jack and ask him what’s going on. Will Jack be honest with Ronnie? Meanwhile, Kim decides to be Denise’s birth partner, but Denise […]

The Dingles remain desperate for Belle to stay in tonight’s Emmerdale


When Jermaine learns that his job starts earlier than expected, it means that the date of his departure with Belle will have to be brought forward. Later, the Dingles’ latest attempt to interfere sees them throw a surprise party for Belle, hoping that it will convince her to stay. Will the family’s efforts pay off? […]

Almost 100 Migrants Rescued on Spanish Coastlines Last Saturday

Authorities say that 92 migrants travelling in five makeshift boats were rescued off Spain’s coast on Saturday, with nine Algerians being picked up in a boat off the coast of Torrevieja (pictured). Officials said that amongst those rescued were were 63 people from sub-Saharan Africa and 29 Algerians. The migrants also landed at Cabo de

Manchester Former Firefighter Cycling to Australia Stops Off in Torrevieja

A Manchester man, who spent nine years walking 34,000 kilometres across 21 Latin American countries dropped in on Torrevieja last Friday as part of his latest adventure to promote the need to maintain the planet’s environment and to fight against pollution. Martin Hutchinson, a 55-year-old former firefighter, is now cycling to Australia via every European

Maria sets her sights on a new man in tonight’s second Corrie


As Maria arrives in the hotel bar, she’s put out to find Aidan drinking champagne with Eva. Quickly covering, Maria makes out that she’s meeting a friend. Oblivious to their discomfort, Eva insists that Maria joins them for a drink. With Eva out of earshot, Maria tears a strip off Aidan and after pointing out […]

Roxy warns Ronnie that Jack might be cheating on her in tonight’s Eastenders


When Roxy doesn’t show any enthusiasm over a potential new school for Amy, her attitude sparks tensions with Jack. Roxy is forced to admit to Ronnie that she doesn’t really want Amy to move away, but she won’t stand in the way of the couple’s plans for the future. Later, things look up for the […]

Aidan tries to start an affair with Maria in tonight’s first Corrie


Aidan calls at Maria’s flat and when she admits that she can’t stop thinking about him, he kisses her passionately. Aidan invites her to spend the night with him at a hotel and she’s thrilled, until Aidan makes it clear that he has no intention of finishing with Eva. Hurt, Maria orders him to leave. […]