Mick demands answers over Buster’s affair in tonight’s Eastenders


Mick confronts Buster after Lee’s tip-off that he might be having an affair. Caught on the spot, will Buster confess that he’s been cheating on Shirley with Kathy? Meanwhile, Sharon decides to stay out of it when she realises that Phil may have been drinking again. Phil is adamant that he’s sober despite Louise’s suspicions, […]

A furious Cathy demands an explanation from Nigel in tonight’s first Corrie


When Nigel ignores her messages, a furious Cathy leaves Alex in charge of the café and storms out. Roy finds the café in chaos with Alex yelping in agony, having scalded his arm, and takes him to A&E. Later at Nigel’s house, Cathy bangs on the window, demanding the truth about Alex. As Cathy sits […]

Neighbourly Dispute

A 38-year old man who locked up a neighbour in an Alicante apartment block and then set fire to it, has been arrested by the National Police. The incident happened on September 15th when firefighters were called to fire and discovered a man had been locked up in a room, who they rescued before the

Drought Move

Production at Torrevieja’s desalination plant is set to double from October 1st after an expected extension to Spain’s drought measures today. Government ministers in Madrid will meet today (Friday) to continue their drought emergency plan for at least another year which will see the Torrevieja plant working at full capacity.

Time is running out for Tracy and David’s wedding in tonight’s second Emmerdale


Tracy is still desperate to get to the wedding, but when she tries to flag down a cab, it merely sprays her with mud as it passes. When Frank pulls up in a tractor, can he save the day? Back at the church, everyone is losing hope that Tracy will turn up and time is […]

Buster’s affair is finally rumbled as Lee gets suspicious in tonight’s Eastenders


Ollie remains the focus of everyone’s attention at The Vic as today is the day of his latest check-up, but Lee gets distracted when he realises that Buster is hiding something. When Mick spots that Lee isn’t himself, Lee is forced to tell his dad that he thinks Buster is cheating on Shirley. Meanwhile, life […]