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Police Hunt Arsonist Who Started a Fire in a La Mata Park

The Guardia Civil have launched a hunt for an arsonist who started a blaze in the La Mata area of Torrevieja last Friday evening. The fire started in some trees in the Molino del Agua natural park not far from La Mata beach, which was the location of a similar incident in 2013. Matches and bottles

La Mata’s Torre del Embarcadero in Desperate Need of Repair

A local group says that cracks and deterioration at a Torrevieja area landmark are getting worse, and that the council hasn’t done anything about it. La Plataforma Independiente Matera (PIM) has called for urgent work on the Torre del Embarcadero in La Mata, with PIM Secretary, José Pérez, stressing that the state of the structure needs to

Valuable Racing Pigeons Go Missing after Stormy Weather

Forty racing pigeons said to be worth around 15 thousand euro have flown off to pastures new over the sea, after disappearing in storms in the Torrevieja area last week. They were taking part in a series of prestigious races organised by one of the Valencian region’s oldest pigeon racing clubs, La Colosal, and were released

La Mata Boost

Work has started on improving the state of the land around La Mata natural park in Torrevieja in a joint project between Torrevieja council’s environment department and ANSE (Association of Naturalists, Southeast Spain). The focus is on the dunes in the Molino del Agua area of the park as well as around Calle Mayor, with


Station Proposal

Torrevieja council has formally put forward a suggestion to the Ministry of Public Works that any new rail station for the area ought to be built on land in the Los Montesinos and Rojales municipalities. The proposed site would be located between the Montesinos CV-905 roundabout and the Campo de Guardamar roundabout, opposite La Mata

Counterfeit Collar

A stall that sold fake Spanish army uniforms at the weekly La Mata market in Torrevieja has been closed down by the local police with the trader set to be prosecuted. Officers swooped on the outlet on Wednesday and seized 16 counterfeit uniforms a…

Turning Turtle

20 of a batch of loggerhead turtle eggs that were found on La Mata beach in Torrevieja during the summer have hatched at La Albufera beach in Valencia. The eggs were discovered by tourists and were transferred to the safety of La Albufera. A total of 85 eggs have been monitored by volunteers since then and the Read More …

Torrevieja Bike Patrol

The Department of the Environment in Torrevieja has launched a parkland observation project in which 32 cyclists will routinely patrol the protected parkland of La Mata and Torrevieja looking for and reporting incidents of environmental and other concerns in order to preserve the ecological values ​​of this protected natural area, preventive monitoring of forest fires […]


One of the four species of Avocet feeding in the lagoon of La Mata

The natural Wildlife Park of the Lagunas de La Mata-Torrevieja has so far welcomed over 1,000 flamingos this year breaking its own record for the nesting birds.

The figure was confirmed by the Department of the Environment, which said that the previous highest figure was recorded in 2008 when 750 of the birds spent the season nesting, a number that dropped considerably in the following years.

The same sources explained that “the excellent water conditions and the increased presence of the brine shrimp, a species of crustacean that flamingos are especially fond of, in the lagoon of La Mata have led to this dramatic increase in the population, and if conditions don’t change too much in the lagoon, the flamingos could stay all year.

Another fact that confirms the increasing numbers in the park comes from the breeding census conducted by DoE staff last June.

This study has found “a dramatic increase” in the breeding population of Gaviota picofina (Larus genei). Although there was no census conducted last year the 2014 figure shows that 620 chicks have been produce.

The estimated population of this bird in Spain is around 1,000 pairs, so the Natural Park of La Mata-Torrevieja, has 60 percent of the population, “and continues to be a valuable haven for the conservation of this species,” according the Department.

One of the birds said to be especially appreciated by ornithologists is the Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus), a small wader in the plover bird family, where 74 nesting pairs have been recorded. In many parts of the world, it had become difficult for this species to breed on beaches because of disturbance from the activities of humans or their animals so to see their numbers increasing locally is said to be of particular significance.

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