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José Císcar

Although clearly supporting his local party colleagues, the head of the Partido Popular in Alicante province, José Císcar, has not exactly lavished a huge amount of support on the move for the Orihuela pp group to take over the municipal government, effectively saying that, in his opinion, it is the best of a bad option.

In a statement to the press, Císcar reiterated that the situation in Orihuela as “ungovernable” and causes “paralysis” of the municipality, which he considers to be of “serious” harm to the citizens of the municipality, although the paralysis of the financial agreements is mostly caused by the majority group, the PP, refusing to accept any of the proposals made by the governing team in protest of them still remaining in office, going on to say that the government run by the bipartite team of the PSOE and Los Verdes “does not exist”, and is “completely broken”.

With the problems already faced by the Mónica Lorente led party in Orihuela, with the regional president making a statement that nobody charged in a corruption case can lead or stand, of the five PP councillors charged in connection with corruption cases and one in connection with an assault, Císcar said that they “have or may have councillors who are charged, that’s true and it is not what we would like”, but continuing “many times when you have to make decisions to balance the different alternatives”, stressing that right now the problem is that Orihuela is in a situation of having a government that is “completely paralyzed”.

Explaining his perception of the government during this administration, Císcar said that the tripartite demonstrated that it didn´t work, now, “it is a bipartite who have found themselves in a situation of complete minority, who cannot fully approve anything”, which he explains has caused “a situation of paralysis which significantly affects the citizens”

Referring to the censure motion, Císcar said that “it is that the responsibility of the council of Orihuela to try to get the city from the paralysis that it is suffering”, whilst also declaring that the internal issues of councillors who may or may not be assigned, or from other party groups, are not the issue, “that is something that does not depend on us, on which we cannot influence or decide”.

He stressed that “our responsibility extends to attempt a change of government through a motion of censure”, with the sole intention of “changing the state of paralysis” in Orihuela.

In conclusion, Císcar said that “the ideal situation does not exist in this case. We have to choose the least burdensome situation”, although how that will reflect on the party rules as they face the next elections of 2015 remains to be seen, as those facing criminal charges would not be eligible to stand for election under the current rules.

A decision on the legal validity of the censure motion is expected before the end of this week, which will either see a valid move to replace the government in January, or will allow the current government to continue, at least for now.

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