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Police in school.

The children of Orihuela have been getting firsthand experience of the police, with activities aimed at encouraging their safety, as well as introducing them to some of valuable work of these custodians of society. A cycle training park was set up on the Orihuela Costa, enabling officers to assist in cycle proficiency training, as well as crucial road safety advice when out and about. In addition, as part of an initiative to bring the emergency services to a more accessible level, the children have been able to excitedly examine and investigate a variety of police vehicles, whilst also undergoing talks on safety and advice. In the picture, one such visit, along with the Protección Civil, took place at the local school of Rabaloche.

A forest fire, thought to have been caused by the explosion of an electrical transformer, destroyed around a hectare of shrub land in Orihuela, near to a road tunnel on the N-340 road, as fire fighters battled increasingly strong winds as they tried to bring the blaze under control. The local police, fire service and the provincial fire fighters were all involved in the blaze, with helicopters dropping water onto the scene, in an attempt to prevent the further spread of the flames. The Guardia Civil has opened an investigation to try to find the exact cause of the incident. Meanwhile, an emergency protocol was put in place across the entire area, restricting times that domestic and industrial fires can take place.

Final confirmed figures reveal that 105 people took part in the guided walk of the Orihuela Costa last week, during which they were given a wealth of knowledge about the flora, water quality and its attractions such as Cabo Roig, the beaches and dunes, along the 9 kilometre route, which passed through 8 beaches. The walk lasted for three hours, with a short break in Cabo Roig, and was attended by residents of Orihuela as well as visitors from Cartagena, Murcia, Callosa, Torrevieja and other municipalities in the region, all of a variety of nationalities.

A visit and presentation will take place on Thursday of this week, recognising the work of the municipal teams that have been carrying out repairs to the Pinada de Campoamor. In an initiative launched by the councillor for Employment, Manuel Gallud, some 85 previously unemployed workers of the municipality have been given a six month temporary contract of employment, during which time they also learn new skills, both of a practical nature, and in the classroom, to assist them in finding permanent work in the future. At Campoamor, a small group has been clearing the forest areas and making picnic tables on site, which will be of benefit to the entire area, both in aesthetic and practical terms. The team will be applauded for their work by the councillor, accompanied by the councillor for the coast, Martina Scheurer.

The government team of Orihuela has approved 51 grants to be awarded by the Department of Social Welfare, with a total value of 10,356.57 euro, which will go to help families of the municipality who are struggling through the financial crisis. An additional 12,000 euro was also approved towards water bills during 2014.

The National Police have arrested three people in a vehicle when loaded over a hundred kilos of copper stolen in a company of Orihuela. At the time of arrest, the police were attacked by the perpetrators, who then attempted to escape, but were apprehended, having assaulting law enforcement officers to their charge sheet, along with the theft. The vehicle was stopped by a routine patrol on the road from Hurcillo, after officers had noticed signs of a break-in at a business premises and following the rport of theft that was on file. The 60 bars of copper found in the vehicle are estimated to be worth in the region of 2,500 euro, the three detainees, a Spaniard and two Romanians, including a minor, are believed to be known to the police for similar crimes.

Around twenty police officers from Orihuela have joined colleagues from around the area, including dog handlers, Guardia Civil officers and others, on a training course which dealt with various aspects of front-line policing, such as entering premises, crowd control, drug detection and reactive shooting. The course is part of an on-going training program, which the Mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén who also holds the competency of management of public safety, described as “important for any professional, but much more in the case of those who have to ensure the lives of others”. Guillén thanked the coordinators of the course and noted that such personal development plans are not only “good for the agents themselves, but important to the rest of society”.

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