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An emergency alert was raised in the La Coruña town of Narón this week, after a woman in her 30´s got more than she bargained for when she got caught short.

Having sat on the toilet in an apartment in the town, she presumably hadn´t realized that the facility was already occupied, as she got bit on her buttocks by a snake than had been hiding in the toilet.

The victim, Iris Castroverde, was admitted to the emergency hospital, where she explained how she had sat on the toilet and then suddenly heard a “loud noise” coming from the water system, which she thought was a neighbor banging the pipes, before then hearing a splash of water, followed by a “terrible stinging” sensation.

As she jumped up from the toilet, Iris then explained how she looked into the bowl and “saw a snake slipping away and disappearing down the pipe”. Just catching the departing visitor, Iris says it was yellow and green and had to thickness of a glass tube. Iris then flushed the chain and quickly poured in two liters of bleach, before placing the lid down,

Iris then says how she could feel her buttocks “going to sleep” and so called the 112 emergency number, prompting medics to attend and take her to the emergency room, where doctors discovered the marks of four incisors in her buttocks, near the perinea area, with dimensions of about four inches. Iris was unable to move her leg at this time and so the hospital staff applied the protocol for snake attacks, which includes the administration of tetanus and rabies, as well as some antidotes against poison.

The sewage and water system of the apartment block was inspected, with considerable concern as there is a nursery school in the same block, but our lone attacker was nowhere to be seen, evading capture to live another day, albeit quite possibly with a new bleached hairdo.

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