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Pedro Mancebo

Despite the fact that Greens and Socialists have sadly forgotten Orihuela Costa once again in their plans to improve parks, gardens and green areas in Orihuela city, with funds coming mainly from the Diputación of Alicante, and despite the fact that CLARO spiritual leader Bob Houliston amazingly voted yes to these investments to be made exclusively in Orihuela, at last month’s Pleno meeting when LOS VERDES and PSOE made the proposal.

Coastal residents do not need to be upset or worried by this new neglect shamelessly carried out by the ultra-minority left wing government supported and kept in power by treacherous Bob Houliston in total contempt for democracy and his disregard for the interests and the well-being of all coastal residents and visitors.

To repair this unfair and shameful situation Pedro Mancebo CLR leader will put forward a change to the investments proposed by the minority government to the Diputacion of Alicante to improve and develop only parks and green areas in Orihuela city and CLR feels confident its proposal to rectify the Government investments will be supported by the PP who together hold a legal majority in the Orihuela Pleno.

CLR will amend this pathetic government proposal and will request a large sum of money to be invested in La Regia and La Florida parks that have been poorly maintained by these so-called greens and socialists.

We had to remind that before departing the government in January 2013 CLR left finished projects to improve the coastal parks and gardens that our residents and tourists expect and deserve but sadly greens and socialists supported by Houliston have not developed any of them neither have fulfilled their compromise to invest in OC the 40% of the money received from the sale of land in OC made by PSOE and Los Verdes.

These improvements in La Regia and La Florida proposed by CLR will no doubt be great assets for all our coastal neighbours and the beginning of a better future for Orihuela Costa which Pedro Mancebo and CLR can guarantee.

These improvements in Orihuela Costa’s green areas was a priority in CLR’s 2011 electoral programme and it was ready to be implemented in January 2013 when CLR were separated from the government by the PSOE and Los Verdes who then obtained the full control of all the public contracts awarded by the town hall.

The PSOE and Los Verdes then started to favour whoever they wanted as is now evident in the case of the Chiringuitos tender which is being investigated by the anti-corruption public prosecutor.

Let us not forget that of the 2,744 votes from Orihuela Costa the green party received only 146 and the PSOE received 565, so the green/socialist government had only 711 votes (26%) from the coast or half of the votes received by CLR (1.352) in coalition with Claro, so it is no wonder why they don’t care about Orihuela Costa. Martina Scheurer and Bob Houliston will have to seriously explain to all the residents in Orihuela Costa why they are putting personal private interests ahead of the general public interest and why was the awarding the Chiringuitos contract (now under investigation by the anti-corruption public prosecutor) a higher priority than improving the green areas of the coast.

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