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A particular dialogue protocol is carried out with other political forces in the design of strategies to manage a territory or to be in opposition.

This is a way to response their ideological and programmatic approaches.

When the electoral process concludes and the results are known, it may occur that nobody get a sufficient majority to govern alone. This is the time of the search of pacts to get a coalition that would allow a solid government. In an electoral system such as ours, it is frequent the emergence of hinge parties, in which the negotiation is necessary; sharing out, and perhaps diminishing dreams and projects.

The visceral rejection of the political competitor: " ¡or us, or the chaos" can give the voter a pessimistic message about the future.

It seems reasonable that the pacts are executed after the election, in which each political group has measured its location and strength in relation to the others. Pacts and agreements, in any place, depend more on the ability and attitude of the negotiators than the programs. Every pact is made for the future, but the past is always present, conditioning the negotiations.

The negative consequence of these pacts may be the difficulty in designing long-term projects which are so necessary to support the technological change and the rapid evolution of urban society.

The consensus may seem utopian; however, we must try to achieve that utopia, at least in two areas of decision: in the small problems and in the big issues. Barriers to communication almost always come from individualism rather than ideological differences.

I remember, without recalling its origin, a utopian expression of universal brotherhood which announced a time in which people of all races, continents and cultures could meet to discuss problems with harmony and fraternity. A time where all the words will be truthful and the sincerity will reject any hypocrisy or double meaning phrase.

Now we are far from such landscape because politicians of different parties communicate little since they are enclosed in their capsules; and in addition, if the confrontation spread from the party to the individuals, the political struggle is transformed into a man hunt.

Agustín Pérez Cerrada

Independent Forum of Opinion


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