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The Mayor of Orihuela Monserrate Guillén of the Los Verdes green party, has returned to lead the municipality this week after months off sick following serious heart surgery.

In his first public address on Wednesday, he thanked the acting mayor, Antonio Zaplana of the PSOE, who has now been relieved of his duty as “accidental mayor” to return to his normal role within government. He also thanked everybody who had sent best wishes and the “numerous expressions of affection” he had received.

Guillén then explained how he had attempted to return to work on a number of occasions, but decided to heed the advice of his doctors and wait until they approved his return to the theatre of politics in Orihuela.

Now rested and clearly keen to make the most of his remaining time in office, Guillén has already said that he will not be contesting the next elections, he highlighted some of the problems that are still waiting resolution, which he hopes to conclude before leaving office.

Amongst those important matters are the ongoing subject of waste disposal, the connected and infamous Brugal case and the illegal waste dumps, including at La Murada, where “We have three months to get these residues removed, thus ensuring the health of the citizens”.

Guillén also made it clear that when he “took the rod of command”, apart from solving the problem of the waste service, he had said that he would “clean Orihuela after it had become a corrupt local institution” and added “not without some satisfaction” that the expulsion of “almost all of the corrupt members of the PP” is a satisfactory conclusion to that end, as it was “one of my dreams, to see a decent and clean Orihuela”, and that although “I think a lot remains to be done, there have been important first steps”, and for that he is “calm and satisfied”.

Guillén went on to apologise to the people who put their trust in the “first progressive government in 25 years” and who may have been defrauded. He has attributed these failures to an “even more shabby” situation that they imagined before reaching the government, highlighting a debt of 65 million euro, which “has been reduced to 43 million in three years”, and has led to a recognition of fiscal stability and payments to suppliers “that we had to accommodate to save the difficult economic situation of the City that was left by the government of Mónica Lorente,who “forced the council to divert economic efforts we wanted to make” for the city infrastructure, but especially for the districts and the coast.

Concluding to criticise the Partido Popular for having dedicated their time to “disrupt the honest and honorable work of the government I lead”, in a situation that is also marred by the CLR, “a broken party that has failed to accept that we won them the game”.

Finally, Guillén took to Facebook to thank everybody on social networks for their support, saying, “Today I returned to work in the town hall”, and assuring his followers that “During these three months left until the end of the mandate, I hope to be able to conclude some of the issues that are still pending, and, as such, leaving my position as mayor with some satisfaction”.

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