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Canvassing outside the Quesada Arches

On the 24 May we are sure that you will use your vote responsibly. We hope that means voting for PADER (Partido Democratica de Rojales) the only local Party that truly supports the residents of Quesada.

Many people will know local businessman and Party Activist Francisco Lidon who has long been a major figure in local politics. Within PADER he is joined by a number of well established and prominent members of the expatriate community, Ann from the Butterfly Children’s Charity Shop, Sue Reader and Steph from El Toro’s Bar as well as Pamela Owen who manu f you will know, a Quesada resident for over ten years.

A few neighbours from Ciudad Quesada have been very supportive to Pader Party as mosto f the members of the Party are residents of Quesada.
English resident of Quesada, Charity shops, and english owners of Business in Quesada believe that Orly Pader could make the difference.
Some of the goals :

– The amount forecast for pest control in the sewerage system will be increased especially in the summer period.
– We will insist on the cleaning and fencing of plots within the municipal area.
– We will push forward with campaigns to create a mindful community and eliminate domestic animal mess on the streets.
– We will facilitate fenced-in public spaces for the exercising of pets to keep the streets and pavements clean
– A personaliized plan will be drawn up by the council for all cases of help at home.
– Home help services will be augmented through contracts with external companies with the express condition they use workers registered with the Town Hall
– The donations for assistance will be maintained and special cases reviewed.
– A budget line will be included specifically for rehabilitation or to adapt properties destined for the most disadvantaged with prior study and evaluation by the municipal technical departments.

– An annual programme of leisure activities will be drawn up to include the different fitness programmes to altérnate with other activities for this group. This same programme will be carried out in the community centres of Ciudad Quesada and Heredades.
– The help and subsidies for the different associations will be maintained and we will request a greater involvement and collaboration with the council.

– We will open the municipal Tourist Information office in the “plaza” building with both morning and afternoon opening times.
– We propose a plan of cultural tourism promotion, that would cover guided tours of the archaeological, agricultural, Semana Santa museums and Gasparito water deposits as well as the Cuevas del Rodeo.
– In collaboration with the business and hospitality sector we will create a guide to shops, bars and restaurants of the town.


– A business association will be fostered with representation from the highest number of businesses of the area.
– Logistically and economically the different functons of the business association will be supported for the benefit of the town.
– We will continue to support the setting up of new businesses on the “plaza” and influx of new people..
– Local purchases will be encouraged through the creation of a listing of local businesses categorized by specialist function.

– The number of councillors wll be updated and they will be dedicated exclusively to the real needs of the Town Hall.
– We will control and review monthly the state of play with regard to projects to ensure efficient completion..
– The different municipal tax rates will be updated and we will consider possible reductions for those of the neighbourhood in need of help.
– Within the first three months of the legislature and in a public meeting we will provide information about the financial situation of the Town Hall.
– We will put out to public tender, following established legal procedures, all contracts for services that require this.

– The use of the Capitol Theatre will be increased thoughout the year and we will turn it into the cultural centre of our town.
– A committee for culture will be appointed made up of representatives from all cultural sectors of the municipality who together with the council will be responsable for creating an annual programme of events to be published in a quarterly bulletin.
– We will programme activities in several languages in accordance with the needs of the people of the town.
– Visits to the various museums of the town will be stimulated and the opening hours revised, above all in the holiday periods.
– The book resources will be augmented in the different libraries.
– The opening hours of the library will be extended in exam time.
– Open air activities will be scheduled in spaces such as the “Malecón del Soto”, “Plaza Blanca” and “Cuevas del Rodeo”.

– All the Town Hall officials and workers will be offered language classes and training on new technology with the aim of improving customer service.
– The location of the different municipal departments will be agreed with the other political groups to ensure user friendly access.
All the vacancies available within the Town Hall will be advertised publicly.
– All the available methods will be in place for the control of the municipal departments..
– Creation of places for the disabled (33% or more) will be open to public tender.

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