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PSOE new head Fanny Serrano Rodríguez could replace the PP's Eduardo Dolon as mayor

The political situation still remains volatile and inconclusive in many key areas of the Vega Baja, with the groups having until this weekend, June 13th, to decide and confirm what pacts will see governments formed in some town halls.

In Orihuela, the legal battles of the past look set to continue into the future after the coastal CLARO party has alleged suspected electoral fraud in the way in which voters were given directions and location allocations in which to vote, on account of them believing that many were confused by the instructions on their ballot papers and simply gave up, ultimately costing CLARO their seat in government.

Meanwhile the Partido Popular are still critical of the management of the previous government after it was revealed that the Ministry of Finance had punished Orihuela for not communicating the budgets to them, of course as history has also shown many of the problems surrounding budgets and other important notions was as a result of the continual objection by the PP which effectively paralysed the minority who were in power.

A situation now even more confused by the fact that most of the PP members who were in active opposition are no longer part of the group battling to take power through a collaboration, most likely still to be with the Ciudadanos party.

In Torrevieja, the PP mayor, Eduardo Dolón, has publicly stated that the best option for the future of the city is collaboration between his party and the Ciudadanos group. Of course he was not likely to say anything other than that given that both the Los Verdes and the PSOE, the other two key players in the municipality, are both responsible for numerous court cases brought against members of the PP for corruption, forgery and more, in their bid to clean up the politics of Torrevieja.

Meanwhile, the PSOE are still setting out their stall, with their new head Fanny Serrano Rodríguez at the helm. It is believed that their intention is to create a collaboration government will all political parties apart from the Partido Popular.

This would not only mean that Torrevieja is no longer governed by the PP after decades of rule, it would also mean that the government would be formed by representatives who collectively obtained the most votes.

The only question that would remain is whether or not those parties could work together, as the division of departments will inevitably lead to some people getting the top jobs and others getting the seemingly least important positions, and quite how that would work when the egos and ideologies take hold is the one area that is still largely unknown.

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