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Jose Manuel Dolon, the new mayor of Torrevieja

In one of the most eagerly awaited weekends of the political world, Saturday saw a new picture painted for many local town halls, as coalitions and collaborations were formed, with the main onus being on removing the Partido Popular from power in many, and looking to the future of a new political framework.

One of the most eagerly anticipated results was in Torrevieja, where the PP lost their absolute majority after over 2 decades in power.

It was still possible for them to retain power howver through coalition, with the most likely partners being the Ciudadanos group, as the other main players.

The PSOE and Los Verdes, have both been instrumental in the fall of grace of the PP through the filing of anti-corruption court cases.

It was in 1988 that Pedro Ángel Hernández Mateo of the PP came to power as Mayor, replacing Joaquín García Sánchez of the PSOE. The PP then remained in power, under the management of Hernández Mateo, who is now in prison having been found guilty of corruption and facing further charges. Eduardo Dolón Sánchez then took over the office in the last elections of 2011.

Now, after 27 years in power, Torrevieja wakes up with a new Mayor, and a new political power at the helm, a coalition of parties who collaborated to free Torrevieja of decades of PP rule. Having received the majority of votes in Saturday´s mayoral election, José Manuel Dolón of the Los Verdes green party is the new mayor of Torrevieja.

Ciudadanos had played their cards very close to their chest until the last minute, announcing their intentions late on Friday evening, saying that they have “decided to give their vote to the Los Verdes, as 62% of citizens have requested a change and we will facilitate it”.

However, councillor Pilar Gómez Magán reiterated that Ciudadanos will not join the government, but would remain in opposition, •but we will work hard, now there was no other way to do it.”

They then stood by their commitment and voted for the green mayor, as did the PSOE, Los Verdes, Sueña Torrevieja, APTCe and IU, giving him 14 votes against the 11 received for Eduardo Dolón, all from his own party members, but not enough to retain power.

José Manuel Dolón will now sit in power for the next two years, when the position will rotate and the new head of the PSOE, Fanny Serrano, will take over office for the remaining two years of the administrative period.

During his inaugural speech, José Manuel Dolón said that he will “work with all the people who make up the corporation, right or left, as I value all the seats in the plenary hall”.

He also said that he will assume the functions of Mayor “with all the humility and simplicity” that he can, since to him, “politics is nothing but a commitment to serve the people and for that I hope to have the cooperation of all the people who form the new administration and the people who are now going to play the opposition, which is an important mission, and with all of you, those who wanted change and those who want to collaborate on this new journey”.

He summed up with the statement, “in a few months or a few years we will tell if this change has paid off”, concluding, “let the future be ours”.

For his part, the ousted former mayor, Eduardo Dolón, also appeared at a press conference at the PP headquarters, describing the actions of the Ciudadanos group as a “pantomime”. Eduardo Dolón said that “there has been no time for negotiation”, and stressed that he did not want to “retain power at all costs” but has vowed to return to power soon as “it is impossible” for a hexpartite government to work, on account of their differing opinions and trends.

He concluded by saying that he leaves the position feeling “tremendously positive” about the economic situation.

In the wake of the announcement, there was praise aplenty for the new found collaboration. Ciudadanos Torrevieja took to Facebook to praise the decision and comment how their councillors, Pilar Gomez Magan and Paqui Parra, have shown their commitment of regeneration of democracy, transparency, anti-corruption and all that Ciudadanos strive to achieve, congratulating the new mayor and all political groups.

José Serna Lorente, another former political critic of the PP and sportsman who is currently competing in South America, commented, “What joy, today my city, Torrevieja… Wakes up with a new government. It’s time to open the windows of the city, raise the carpet and breathe in the new air.” Concluding, “Viva Torrevieja! Long live the new corporation!

Congratulations to the greens, PSOE, Sueña Torrevieja, Ciudadanos, Apetece and IU for making possible this historic moment.”

Meanwhile, in Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñna from the Partido Popular has won the Mayoral vote there, replacing the Los Verdes mayor of the previous administration, gaining his 11 votes and so still ruling in a minority.

Of the twenty municipalities of the Vega Baja, sixteen had absolute majorities in the vote, the remaining six being left in the air.

All areas will now see their governments formed and roles assigned. Other highlights from around the area include votes and agreements made.

Across the Valencia region, the PSOE now sit in 226 mayoral roles, the PP in 164. Antonio Pérez of the PSOE is the mayor of Rojales, José Luis Sáez of the PSOE rules in Guardamar, Ignacio Ramos of the PSOE is head of Pilar de la Horadada, Jaime Pérez of the PSOE is mayor of Almoradí, Miguel Ángel Gambín from Ciudadanos is ruling in Cox and Ángel Sáez of the PP will govern San Miguel.

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