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The most recent member of 'The Brat Pack'. Spain Frolián, 4th in line to the throne

We’ve had the rumoured affairs of former King Juan Carlos, the ongoing fraud trial of Princess Cristina, stripped of her title just last week. Well now it appears that the next generation of Spanish Royals are trying to get in on the act.

On the evidence of the tantrum that he threw at a Madrid leisure park last week, Fourth in line to the Spanish throne, Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón, known as Frolián, would seem to have all the signs of growing into yet another spoilt brat .

Not wanting to stand in a line along with us mere commoners, and suggesting that it was his birthright to do so, the little prince attempted to jump the queue on one of the park’s more popular rides, but as he tried to push in he received a ticking off from a school teacher who was also waiting in line along with his students.

According to a report in Spanish newspaper El Economista he promptly declared "I’m fourth in line to the Spanish throne."

The ride attendant then joined in then responding that being fourth in line to the Spanish throne did not mean he could push in line and get on the ride before the other visitors, who had been patiently queuing.
It was then that he threw his toys out of the pram making a racist slur at a young Chinese boy who also told him off for not queuing, shouting, "You shut up, you f…ing chino."

Spanish media reported that the prince was accompanied by several friends and a security guard. He eventually calmed down and moved away from the ride.

Unfortunately, as he continues to build a reputation as a royal bad boy, young Froilán seems to be hitting the headlines on far too many occasions, for the wrong reasons.

When he was 6-years-old, he famously kicked one of his female cousins at King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s wedding. After his parents got divorced, his behaviour is then said to have gone downhill. Two and a half years ago he was kicked out of school for failing his end of year exams twice and in 2012 when he was just 14 years of age he shot himself in the foot (literally) while out hunting with his father Jaime de Marichalar.

During his last family holiday, he allegedly headbutted his cousin Paul and then tried to stab him with an iron skewer

But as with all rotten and spoiled children however, we can’t really blame the children, in this case the young prince as much of the responsibility must sure by put firmly at the feet of his parents.

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