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Spain Increases Terrorism Threat to Level 4

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Spain´s Interior Ministry called an urgent press conference of Friday afternoon in order to discuss the potential impact on state security by terrorists.

The Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, along with the Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martínez, and Interior Committee spokesperson for the Congress of Deputies, Conrado Escobar, all spoke to the press in the conference.

As a result of incidents occurring in France, Tunisia and Kuwait, Spain has now increased the security threat to level 4. There are 5 levels of alert.

This will mean heightened security checks in all public areas, such as airports, ports and main roads, and an increase in patrols and road blocks. Level 4 puts state security on a higher alert and also includes activities by the military to be prepared for potential calls to assist, whilst increasing their own security.

The delegates were unable to detail any other information due to the sensitive nature of the events occurring around the world.

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