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Pegasus and the Bull

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Rounding up bulls and herding them into areas they may not have intended to go may well feature heavily in Spanish culture, from such controversial spectacles as bull fighting or the infamous running of the bulls, but it might be that those cultural roots helped a distant “cowboy” direct a bull back to where it came from.

The unusualness of this story is that the said “cowboy”, or “bull herder” managed to direct a stray bull from danger and back into its field, despite being considerably far away… and airborne.

A DGT helicopter carrying out routine patrols with Pegasus radar equipment noticed that the bull had escaped from a nearby field and was wandering dangerously close to the road. The pilot, therefore, used the ultimate flying skills to direct the bull using the helicopter until it was safely back in its field and out of danger.

The incident occurred in the Leciñena area on the road heading towards Zaragoza, where cattle farms are common along the route.

No doubt the bull will have a story to tell to the other members of his herd, although whether they choose to believe him is another matter, but the danger was averted by the quick thinking and skilled pilot.

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